Sefala Strategic Solutions Pty (Ltd) is a 100% black female lead consultancy group with a social purpose that brings together industry leaders and experts to develop, implement and evaluate interventions and programs to ensure maximum impact for stakeholders / recipients and return on investment. 

Through focused consultation, we craft our services around your organisation’s needs and culture - from small, owner managed companies to large, multi-sited and even multinational corporations - becoming an extension of your business so that you can focus on your core strategic objectives.


We are able to serve clients across a wide range of business sectors as many of our experts have experience in various industries.

Deep understanding of a clients’industry allows us to better serve the client, as certain industries have their own unique legalities, regulations, and commercial practices.


We are ready to offer consulting services that are firmly rooted in the unique characteristics of a client’s industry. Working with us helps us you:

-Reduce administrative time/work.
-Elimination of travelling costs.
-All grants will be received in time.
-Learner registration will be completed within 21 days as required by law.
-Employers can train more employees and community members as part of their social labor plan.
-Ensure Good governance practices are followed.
-Understand trends, the industry, best practices, networking, sharing lessons learnt.

Benefits of our interventions

-Management buy in, efficiency in managing projects, reporting to board, professional, structured department, knowledge of costs to business, knowledge of industry: benchmarking

-Capacity Building - Sefala will establish robust procedures, criteria and processes that will enable employees to manage the function efficiently

Align your company with industry charters: SRI (Social Responsibility Index) and GRI (Global Reporting Index).

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MAY, 2018

MAY 07, 2018

For any inquiries, please call or email us:

+27 11 310 1056 +27 61 226 7845 

our address

09 Commercia Business Park, Setter Road,
Midrand, 1682

South Africa


you can fill in the following contact:

09 Commercia Business Park, Setter Road, Midrand  |   +27 11 310 1056 / +27 61 226 7845

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